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OnPOZ Collect 

Discover an easy to use, powerful GIS data collection application. Use your phone or tablet to collect geospatial data, locate and inspect features on the field. You can easily accomplish tasks like inventory assessment, infrastructure inspections, damage reporting, forestry projects and much more. 

Collect data efficiently 

Collect points, lines and polygons on the field. Edit and update existing data geometries and attributes. Use custom or predefined entry forms to enter text, numbers, pictures and other attribute types. Intelligent forms can validate the answers and apply logic to simplify the data entry and minimize the errors. 

Work online and offline 

OnPOZ Collect can synchronize the data with the cloud, receive updates and display the features collected by other team members. When working offline, the data is stored on the device and synchronized automatically when the connection is restored. 

Bring your maps and coordinate systems 

Use standard online maps or connect to a custom WMS server. You can also import your own raster or vector maps and use them even in offline mode. OnPOZ Collect is compatible with all standard geodetic reference systems.



OnPOZ Cloud 

All your projects and field data are synchronized and stored securely in the cloud. You can access and manage your fieldwork from anywhere using your favourite web browser. 

Create forms and projects 

Use predefined templates or create your own forms with intelligent data validation. Keep your tasks organized in projects. Give access to specific members of your team and post updates. Manage your entire workflow easily with an intuitive drag and drop interface. 

Import and export data 

Vector and raster files can be easily imported and integrated into your projects. External data can be used to create new forms, update existing information and provide background reference. When the fieldwork is done, the data can be exported and transferred to your GIS system. 

Real-time monitoring

Follow the progress of your projects directly on your office screen. You can view the features as they are collected on the field without unnecessary delays. Quickly display on the map the data collected on a specific date, project or by a specific user. 

Powerful API automation 

Automate your routine tasks with our powerful REST API. It can be used to securely access the resources of OnPOZ Cloud from another application or programming script.